Awareness Programs

While there are myriad ways to defend against external threats, the reality is that firewalls, vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and other technology-based solutions cannot defend against actions performed by human beings. Malicious parties understand that the easiest way to compromise a business is often through its employees. These parties attempt to exploit human emotions—fear, greed, and even kindness—to manipulate people into doing things that they otherwise wouldn’t do. For instance, a scammer pretending to be your company’s external CPA might try and convince your bookkeeper to provide your company’s banking details over the phone. An otherwise rational manager might be pressed into initiating a bank transfer under empty (but nonetheless scary) threats of blackmail or reputation damage. Because these types of human-based threats cannot be stopped with software alone, a complete IT protection strategy must focus not only on your IT systems, but on your workforce, too.

A comprehensive cybersecurity awareness program is the key to ensuring that your staff is resilient against social-based cyberattacks. When you choose Blue Citrus to manage your organization’s cybersecurity awareness, we will work with you to ensure that your workforce is vigilant and prepared to withstand these types of attacks. Our awareness program will cover general cybersecurity best practices as well as threats that may be specific to your organization and the industry in which you operate. Blue Citrus will also train your staff on how to comply with your organization’s cybersecurity policies, and work with you to implement a method to assess training effectiveness. Our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly security newsletters will help to ensure that your Staff’s training stays fresh by providing regular tips, reminders, and updates on the latest threats targeting American businesses.

Live Seminars/Webinars

Whether you’re looking to host a series of seminars, webinars, a brown-bag lunch training, or full-day on-site conference, Blue Citrus has you covered! Our seminars and other engagements are custom tailored to your organization’s desires and needs. You pick the content, how it’s delivered, and any pre- or post- seminar activities that you would like Blue Citrus to guide your workforce through. Whatever your ideal seminar or training event is, Blue Citrus will do the heavy lifting to make it a reality—we’ll even arrange the catering!

Annual Trainings

New regulations, security requirements, and similar changes to the business landscape are making mandatory cybersecurity training more and more common. However, as these requirements continue to increase, finding the right organization to deliver the training has remained as difficult as ever. With national firms increasingly pushing prepackaged training products, it can be challenging for small businesses to perform trainings that suit their business’ needs.

When you choose Blue Citrus to deliver your annual trainings, we will work with you to create the perfect training program for your organization. All custom Blue Citrus training programs are prepared under the direction of experienced IT and cybersecurity experts and delivered by professional college-level instructors. Blue Citrus will work with you to ensure that the method of delivery, duration, and content included in your training is a seamless fit for your organization’s needs.

Educational Materials

In recent years, large corporate security breaches have brought the topic of cybersecurity increasingly into the public’s view. Consequently, consumers increasingly expect the businesses that they patronize to have sound cybersecurity practices. Providing your customers with information on your cybersecurity practices and training materials can go a long way toward demonstrating your organization’s commitment to customer care.

When you partner with Blue Citrus, we will provide you with the customer-facing documents and materials needed to show your customers how much you care about their privacy, safety, and security. Our customer-facing materials are free of Blue Citrus branding and include the proper licensing for your organization to use these materials as necessary.

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