Blue Citrus is proud to provide organizations in Salem and the surrounding communities with a wide variety of cybersecurity services. No matter what your cybersecurity needs are, Blue Citrus would love to help!

Our mission is to help local businesses and nonprofits navigate the fast changing and increasingly complicated IT and cybersecurity landscape. Each of our customers receives custom tailored solutions designed specifically to fit the needs and circumstances of their unique organization. With your cybersecurity needs safely managed by Blue Citrus, you can spend your time on what really matters to you—running your business.

Below is a sampling of some of the services that we are most excited to provide. If you aren’t sure what you need, or if you have questions about something not listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! At Blue Citrus, we’ll always do what we can to meet your needs.

Phishing and Social Attacks

One of the most common avenues for a data breach is through a business’ users. Malicious parties may attempt to manipulate employees into clicking on dangerous links, sending confidential files, or even providing passwords over email or the phone. An estimated 86% of organizations faced some kind of phishing or other email based attack in 2019, and malicious tactics grow more sophisticated by the day. A single successful phishing attempt could result in a business’ private information being stolen and sold, or the business losing access to its systems altogether. Furthermore, as businesses are increasingly trusted with the personal electronic information of customers, employees, and users, the need for sound cybersecurity practices is greater now than ever before.

Luckily, Blue Citrus is here to help! We will work with you to craft a cybersecurity training and awareness framework that is specifically suited for your organization. With Blue Citrus, your staff can learn to master the cybersecurity principles necessary to protect themselves and your organization from phishing, social attacks, and a variety of other digital and online threats. Following training, simulated phishing attacks will give your employees the real world experience needed to verify their training and identify additional training needs.

Policy Review

Today, every organization requires firewalls, antivirus, and other software and hardware controls to protect itself from even the most common forms of cyberattack. However, these tools alone aren’t enough to protect against the damage that can be done from inside of the organization itself. A complete cybersecurity framework requires simple, understandable, and effective IT policies that cover everything from system usage to digital access control. For instance, do any employees have access to more information than they really need to do their job? The new part time intern probably doesn’t need access to the company’s bank accounts. Well designed organizational policies will minimize opportunities for problems, helping to keep your business running smoothly.

We will review your existing IT policies and help ensure that your organization has the internal policies necessary to keep your most valuable assets secure. Based on our analysis, we will provide recommendations and policy statements that cover topics such as employee data use, email and internet usage policies, acceptable computer use, bring your own device (BYOD), and more. Then, when it comes time to implement your new policies, Blue Citrus will always be just a call or email away with any implementation advice or support that you might need.

Security Information and Event Monitoring

Modern threat actors use a variety of techniques to remain undetected after infiltrating a network or computer system. These attackers then utilize tools such as vulnerability scanners, automated exploit kits, and encrypted network communications to maintain a foothold, spread within your organization, and exfiltrate your sensitive data.

With our security information and event monitoring services, we will set up the software and network systems necessary to monitor your computers, servers, and network traffic for signs of new or ongoing attacks. Once everything is in place, we will monitor your infrastructure for signs of malicious activity ranging from quiet reconnaissance to full blown data exfiltration. When we detect any signs of suspicious activity, we’ll either investigate and resolve the issue directly or work alongside your internal IT team, depending on your company’s unique needs.

Vulnerability Scanning

One way that an organization can inadvertently expose itself to cybercriminals prowling for a target is by failing to address vulnerabilities in its systems or network. These vulnerabilities can make it easy for attackers to use the successful infiltration of one system to access additional systems within your organization. To attackers, something as simple as an outdated piece of software can represent a wide open doorway into your organization’s IT assets. When attackers are finding new exploits every day, staying on top of everything can be a nightmare for business owners.

At Blue Citrus, we stay up to date with the latest security vulnerabilities so you can rest easy. Our internal and external vulnerability scanners will detect vulnerabilities that could expose your organization to attack, as well as the those that help an attacker maintain a foothold within your organization. For every vulnerability that we discover, we will provide a report detailing the vulnerability, its severity, and how to remediate it. Once reported, we’ll continue to scan and test for the vulnerability, providing your IT team with the details necessary to secure your organization. And don’t worry, if you don’t have your own IT staff, Blue Citrus will be happy to remediate any vulnerabilities that we discover.

Evaluations and Advising

Today, it isn’t unusual for companies to take on the burden of creating and maintaining their own cybersecurity programs and policies. If your business has embarked down this path, you may be searching for a third party evaluation of your cybersecurity controls and practices. Whether you’re looking to evaluate your current protocols against industry best practices or establish a brand new set of policies, Blue Citrus would love to help!

Blue Citrus’ Evaluations and Advising services will help you evaluate any aspect of your organization’s cybersecurity programs or posture. Once we have finished our evaluation, we will prepare and deliver a report containing our research backed findings and the pertinent advice you need to continue to keep your company secure.

Compliance Assistance

The burden of cybersecurity on businesses of all sizes is growing. Increasingly, new regulations and consumer expectations demand stricter handling of electronic information. Consequently, the risks of noncompliance or the mishandling of data represent a growing threat to small business.

Whether you are trying to adhere to a specific cybersecurity framework or requirements set out by your industry’s professional standards and practices, Blue Citrus will provide you with the advice, research, and guidance necessary for you to glide through the process. We are more than happy to help you understand requirements, determine effective security controls that meet framework requirements, derive methods to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security controls, generate the documentation necessary to prove continued compliance, and whatever else is needed to get you and your organization compliant with the most recent standards and requirements.

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