Have needs beyond cybersecurity? Blue Citrus is always happy to help! Our services encompass almost any IT issue or struggle that you might face. Whether you’re looking to accommodate and maximize the productivity of the work-from-home segments of your workforce, looking for assistance in utilizing IT to automate or improve existing business processes, or just need some help with the cloud, Blue Citrus has your back! Even if none of the services below fit your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out—we’d love to assist you on almost any project.

Business Process Optimization and Automation

Wondering if you can streamline your business processes? Trying to figure out how a competitor seems to automate a process that your firm is still doing by hand? Are you looking to leverage technology to boost productivity? Whatever it is, Blue Citrus would love to find innovative ways to help your business prosper.

At Blue Citrus, we believe that technology and business work together—for IT solutions to be effective, they need to be designed around the business processes and challenges that are specific to your organization and industry. That’s why we don’t employ IT professionals exclusively—our consultants have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, including government regulation, education, business administration, and more. The breadth of our expertise enables us to design customized solutions to unique business problems. We will work with you to understand your needs, goals, and challenges, and our experts will work together to design solutions that mesh with every aspect of your business.

Cloud Productivity and Hosting Services

The cloud is being leveraged in new and exciting ways almost every day, and thousands of business-ready services and applications exist to help your business be as productive as possible. Are you looking to migrate your email or business productivity software to the cloud? Are you interested in utilizing cloud-based servers and hosting to replace aging IT assets? Whether you’re looking to migrate to Microsoft 365 or GSuite, or want to begin leveraging Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, Blue Citrus would be happy to assist with any cloud-based project that you may be considering.

Not sure what exactly the cloud is, or how it might benefit your business? No problem! Our consultants would be happy to find the right technology to fit your needs.

Network Evaluation and Design

In the modern world, a functioning network has become the backbone of almost every business. When you choose Blue Citrus for your networking needs, we will ensure that your designs, plans, and implementation are fast, effective, and most of all, secure.

Do you already have a network in place, but wish it worked better? We’ll figure out what’s causing those slow downloads, dropped connections, Wi-Fi dead zones, or anything else that might be plaguing your network. Do you currently offer free Wi-Fi to your customers, or want to make it available? We’ll ensure that your public network can’t be used to access private business assets. Whatever network troubles you may be facing, Blue Citrus will be glad to solve them.


It’s currently estimated that 70% of global internet connected servers are running a version of Unix, Linux, or another UNIX-like operating system. However, finding qualified people to maintain your Linux infrastructure is growing increasingly difficult. Have you ever hired or contracted a self-proclaimed Linux expert, only for them to fold when put to the test? When you work with Blue Citrus to maintain, upgrade, or repair your Linux systems, underqualified technicians will no longer be a concern—you will always be working with a Linux Foundation certified systems administrator.

Everything Else

Ultimately, Blue Citrus exists to support the IT and cybersecurity needs of businesses and organizations in our community, and there is no job that we won’t consider. Thanks to our unique training and experience, we are able deliver a wide range of services that may otherwise be difficult for small businesses and nonprofits to access. Blue Citrus would be happy to assist in almost any IT or cybersecurity-related matter, from providing expert witness testimony to conducting internal investigations relating the use of technology assets. Whatever you may be considering, please don’t hesitate to get in touch—there’s no challenge that we aren’t excited to take on!

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