Caesar Cipher Decryption Tool

The Caesar Cipher, first used by Julius Caesar to protect sensitive military orders being delivered through hostile territory by couriers, is a simple and easy cipher to defeat in modern times. Despite modern shortcomings, it’s a great introduction to the field of cryptography due to its simplicity. Sometimes called a Shift or ROT (short for rotation) cipher, the Caesar Cipher works by rotating each letter by a set number of rotations. For example, if two rotations to the right are used then “A” will become “C”, “B” will become “D” and “Z” would become “B”.

The tool below will allow you to utilize and experiment with the classic Caesar Cipher yourself by decrypting messages already encrypted by the cipher. Simply select the number of rotations originally used and input your encrypted message into the box labeled “Ciphertext”. Next, click on the button labeled “Decrypt” and the original cleartext message will be presented in the output box.

Interested in encrypting a message? Check out the Blue Citrus Caesar Cipher Encryption Tool!

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