Blue Citrus is an IT and cybersecurity firm providing clients throughout Oregon with access to sound and sophisticated consulting services. Founded in Salem, Blue Citrus aims to support businesses and nonprofits in our local community and throughout the state with their IT and cybersecurity needs. Since our wide range of experience and expertise encompasses both IT and business, we are proud to design modern IT solutions to our clients’ real-world business problems. As a small business ourselves, we also understand the troubles that many businesses struggle with and enjoy finding efficient solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.



Blue Citrus was founded in Salem by lifelong Oregonians, and we are proud to support organizations in our local community and throughout the state. As locals, we understand the challenges faced by local businesses like ours and enjoy helping people in our community find ways to improve their businesses and, in turn, their lives. Being local also enables us to develop individual working relationships with our clients—not only do we meet a lot of neat people, but our familiarity with our clients and their businesses helps us to serve them more effectively.


Modern problems usually require modern solutions, but the popular solution to a problem isn’t always the smartest or most efficient. That’s why we strive to think outside of the box for the benefit of our clients—we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas and technologies that could help our clients do business faster, more efficiently, or at a lower overall cost.


At Blue Citrus, we don’t cut corners. With every project, no matter the size, we aim to provide our clients with thorough and quality services. To us, quality doesn’t mean gold-plating your IT infrastructure with needlessly sophisticated technology—it means finding trusted and reliable products that will meet our clients’ specific needs without being finicky, troublesome, or unnecessarily costly. Our dedication to quality enables our clients to rest easy, knowing that their business solutions are measured, reliable, and in line with industry standards.

Not sure if Blue Citrus’ services are a good fit for your organization? No problem! Just let us know what you need—we can find solutions to almost any IT or cybersecurity-related concern.

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